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Term And Conditions of FilmyPunjab

If you break these terms you could get into legal trouble.

Age Criteria: Users below the age of 16 should not be accessing this website. Minors can view the content only in the supervision of their parents or legal guardian.

Accessing the content. The content on the website is only accessible and viewable under the following conditions:

  1. Any content available on this website must be used for pleasure or for personal use.

  2. The information available is not altered in any fashion and cannot be morphed or edited.

Alteration in the website: We at Filmy Punjab reserve all copyrights and the right to terminate services, movies, shows, and content at anytime. Please be aware of this. We don’t like to make any promises. Your access to the content or service may be discontinued without warning but we’ll try to let you know if this is going to happen. We may make changes to the content without telling you and these won’t necessarily affect your account. Any losses incurred as a result of these changes will be the responsibility of the viewer and the company shall not be answerable for them in any situation.

Intellectual property rights: If you’re reading this, it means that you don’t need to read the rest of the sentence because it’s just a disclaimer saying that anything written here is property of Filmy Punjab. All rights reserved under the applicable Indian laws. Forcing any sort of frame or capturing technique feels like theft and we do not tolerate that. Please, use your own creativity and love for design to create something new of your own!.

Third-party content disclaimer: As materiel can not be developed by Filmy Punjab and are sourced from a variety of places, the users accessing the website may also be subjected to information/content provided by unrelated sources. We will try our best to make accurate and suitable content for everyone. However, if you find anything inappropriate, please let us know. The Company does not endorse any non-company content, or recommendation, or advice expressed herein. Readers are expected to use their discretion for anything that might be objectionable and Filmy Pu assumes no liability for wrong decisions made on the basis of this information. Advertising is everywhere. Filmy Punjab does not take responsibility for the accuracy of claims made on this or on affiliated websites.

Changes in Terms & Conditions: We may update these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. It’s the responsibility of the user to check for updates to make sure they’re compliant with the latest version.