Privacy Policy

Privacy is important and we hope you know how your data is being collected, treated, and what info we are releasing.

Our privacy policy applies to any info we get from any source. So if you go to a website with our link or you’re getting email from us, we’re collecting stuff about you.

There are many ways to collect data, but it helps to have a good policy. We’ll keep your personal information safe, but we will share it with people you trust. We can also provide you with information collected offline and online through the services. This includes your interests, demographics, and service usage patterns. If you give us permission by unchecking the “I Accept” box below ONLINE FEATURES (e.g., Connect Button or Ad Preferences), we may also collect information from a third party in order to tailor ads according to your interests. We also tell you how we protect your information, what your options are, and how to access the products.

Filmy Punjab Privacy Policy

Note: Everywhere in this policy statement, ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘User’ refers to the end-users while ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ means Filmy Punjab

  1. You’re able to comment on any video as long as you provide some information, including your name and email address. If you have a website, you can also include that (optional). Added (fill in your details) to the comment form by using cookies. Your information will be saved with your browser so that you can easily leave a comment and not have to keep typing them in. These cookies will last for one year and will be automatically removed after that

  1. Information gathered from the other sources:

    • We track your geographical location, device type, browser, and OS to provide you more relevant information. For example, we’ll send you a notification if there’s an update to our latest design specs for workstations. To gain a better understanding of our users’ demographics and interests, we also use Google Analytics. This is an outside user tool that we don’t have any access to and the information it provides is exclusively for us. There is never a need to reveal your identity or attach any personal details when using these services.

    • Third-Party Content on website: For your personal entertainment, we have created a website that gathers videos from multiple sources. Some of these videos may not be safe for children so please make sure they are at a healthy age before watching them. We provide a convenient service that allows you to watch movies online without downloading them. Of course, the organization you access may have different rules and conditions than ours. Before you enter any personal data on their website, it’s worth reading over their T&C and Privacy policy page to get a better understanding of the way they record your information.

  1. Information tracked through website access: We use cookies to collect information and deliver tailored choices based, on your preferences. This is to make browsing our website easier. Cookies cannot read any information on your device or help malware infect your computer.

  1. When your information won’t be shared: Except for these two circumstances, we never share the information with anyone else:

    • For identification purposes during an investigation, we also share information as needed with law enforcement or other agencies. We will not provide access if it’s for the sake of prosecution or punitive measures.

    • Filmy Punjab will only share your personal data if required to by law. We always process it in the same way that we do. This means in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Security of your information: We implement strong security measures to protect your data from any unauthorized access and misuse. We keep all the information about your film backed up secure & safe in our database and only give access to people with a Filmy Punjab password. The servers are hidden from the public behind a firewall which ensures that no strangers can access it.

  1. Changes and Updates: No one wants to be caught unaware by a change in privacy laws, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with these changes. AI writers can help you quickly incorporate these updates with ease into your privacy policy. We may, at our sole discretion, periodically change this Privacy Policy. If there are any changes in our privacy practices that affect you, we will send an email notifying you or our legal department will post a notice of these changes on the Site. We ask that you regularly check this page to be aware of the latest updates so that you have access to the most up-to-date information and don’t miss out on important developments.