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When you visit and navigate through our website, mobile site or any links that direct to this Cookie Statement, Filmy Punjab collects automatically. We collect information through various tracking technologies, including Cookies and web beacons Filmy Punjab Services aims to keep you entertained by streaming the latest and most popular TV shows, Drama, comedy sketch comedy and Web series. We collect feedback in order to improve the services we provide.

We use cookies in order to provide you with a more personalized experience as you explore and use the services we offer. We also gather information about your device and your browsing habits for performance, advertising, and other business interests. By accessing our products or services on your browser, you’re accepting our Cookie Statement Terms. We may update this Cookie Notice from time to time and will let you know of any updates. When you visit our website, the most recent version will be in practice so it’s a good idea to check it now and again to make sure you’re aware of all the latest changes.

What is Cookies in this topic

Cookies are small files of programming code that we send to your device when you use our website. These files can remember important parts of information, so you don’t need to provide it again each time you access an area of the site from which it’s applicable. We use cookies to save your signed-in state and improve the service.

There are lots of different types of cookies for gathering different information.

  • Cookies for the web by Jose

  • Customize your browsing experience.

  • Performance Cookies- they monitor the website to make sure it’s up to date and running smoothly.

Our Cookies Usage

  1. Analyze the site’s usage and content

  2. The better browsing experience you have on our website, the more personalized your experience will be.

  3. Great comment!

  4. I analyze website performance and look for any bugs or fixing required.

Ads companies might not be the same, but they work similarly. Since they do not govern the privacy or cookie policies, make sure to check them before entering your data on FilmyPunjab.

Changing Cookies Settings

Without cookies, certain features might not work properly and we might not be able to give you the full experience of using the site. Three types of cookies used by Filmy Punjab (mentioned in section 1) can be turned on or off in your browser settings: strictly necessary cookies are on by default and can be disabled or enabled based on your preference.

Blocking Cookies from third party

The website structure and layout is designed considering third-party cookies, which may disrupt site use if altered. Account problems like commenting on videos may also arise with a cookie break.